LuminanceHDR, Darktable, Gimp, ImageMagick and scripts

One can do so much by using the right tools in the right order! These bracketed (3 individual exposures with -2, 0 and _2) raws were first converted through DarkTable, processed into a tonemapped 32-bit tiff with LuminanceHDR, slightly processed in Gimp/GMIC (levels, curves & highpass filter) after which one of Fred’s ImageMagick scripts applied a slight Orton-effect to them. Don’t you just love how many specialized tools we have available to us in the opensource world - allow our creativity to flow freely.


Good morning, Mike!

That seems as a wonderful way to process the images.
I am especially fond of your DMG06526 – clearly looks
like the Old Dutch Masters’ ways of treating colour and
light :slight_smile:

Claes in Lund, Zweden

Lovely work! The light and framing are wonderful

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I agree with fellow forumners, very pleasing imaginery, that path in the woods just sucks us in. Congrats :+1:
I’m personally a big fan of {nostalgia :sweat_drops:} film charact; i.e. (iso) grain and halation; in almost all developers I’ve used I create several pressets with this goal in mind; orton is a kind of artificial halation… widely used in lanscape but not only. Because it can quickly become gimmicky, should be used wisely, like you did here; I normally push it harder into the HL’s.

In that huge name, “80” corresponds to blur or opacity (or neither) in fred’s sscripts?

I hope you don’t mind me leaving a link to fred’s scripts; the Gimp, LuminanceHDR, darktable and ImageMagick seem fairly well represented already =)

Fred Weinhaus >> Fred's ImageMagick Scripts

time for dinner once-when-you-were-just-a-kitten-an-eagle-took-you-away-still-to-this-day-nobody-knows-how-the-fuck-did-you-manage-to-get-back :cat2:

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Thanks chroma_ghost for the comments as well as the link. I should have acknowledged that sooner of course. Fred’s scrips are a valuable addition to anyone’s bag of tricks. And yes, 80 is the opacity setting. I leave blur empty which defaults to 10 which is probably a bit on the low side for a 24Mp image but I like the effect it ends up delivering.

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@Mike_Bing Thanks for sharing! Made my day!

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A bit late to the conversation but … these images are really lovely. You’ve made nice subtle use of the Orton effect. Thanks for posting.

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This is what happens when I get busy with stuff: I miss great posts like this! These are wonderful images @Mike_Bing!

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