Luminosity layer blending

I’m trying to follow some Photoshop instructions (and I’m learning Gimp). One of the step is to use luminosity blending. What’s the similar blending in Gimp?


There are quite a few blend modes in gimp:

Keep in mind that the blending algorithms differ in different apps, and their effects depend on the colour spaces, linearities and bit depths of the input layers or images.

Blending modes can exhibit interesting behaviours. The commonly used soft light dodges or burns the base layer based on whether the modifying layer’s tones are brighter or darker than the mid tones: if brighter, then dodge; if darker, then burn. Many blending modes are discontinuous, meaning they can generate artifacts. In sum, there is a lot to investigate.


A small additional point : There are also blending modes that are not accessible based on whether it is float or integer. Binary Blending Modes.

What’s the difference between the Photoshop Luminosity and the Gimp Luminance?


You can try it yourself. :stuck_out_tongue: I don’t have Photoshop.

@Reptorian could probably provide you with some test gradients.