LUT for Fujifilm X30

Good evening,
Here are attached the results obtained for the profiling of the Fujifilm x30 from an RAF photo converted into DNG.
In addition, for a print I would like to export a photo retouched with VKDT in 16 bits per color and with an embedded ICC profile, a priori either in TIFF or in PNG. I did not find this possibility in the current version. Is it possible to easily implement this possibility?
Fujifilm X30.txt (2.5 KB)
Fujifilm X30
Fujifilm X30.lut.txt (3.0 MB)


oh, how did you convert it? the plot looks an aweful lot like constant visible white and not much like camera CFA sensitivity curves.

fwiw this is what i get running vkdt mkssf directly on adobe’s dcp:

here is the data:
Fujifilm X30.txt (2.6 KB)

and you can run vkdt mkclut 'Fujifilm X30' on it to generate this lut:
Fujifilm X30.lut.txt (3.0 MB)

right, i don’t have that. the output colour is sRGB for the 8-bit (jpg) and rec2020 for the 32-bit (pfm) buffers.

tiff is a bit archaic, i’d probably go for png if you can’t use pfm. i can look into building such an output module (o-png, embed rec2020 profile if > 8 bit). until then a workaround might be to export as pfm and use imagemagick like so:

but only convert from pfm → tiff instead of tiff → jpg as in the link, to embed a rec2020 profile maybe from here


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For the conversion RAF to DNG, i have used dnglab ( and after i run the command vkdt mkssf file.dng and vkdt-mkclut ~/Documents/vkdt/‘Fujifilm X30.txt’. The curve seemed strange to me, may be something is wrong but i don’t know what ?

i don’t know what dnglab puts into the metadata, it seems unlikely that there are magically the dual illuminant dcp matrices and luts added here. as stated in the docs of mkssf/mkclut the process requires the tags

UniqueCameraModel ColorMatrix[123] CameraCalibration[123] AnalogBalance
ReductionMatrix[123] ForwardMatrix[123] ProfilehueSatmapDims

to create a matrix + lut input device transform and estimate the spectral sensitivities from there. i think the adobe dng converter adds these tags, and if i understand correctly it seems adobe created these profiles by themselves for the fuji cameras.

It’s ok, I tried using the Adobe DNG converter and the result is now correct.
Fujifilm X30