LWN reviews RT 5.3


(Flössie) #1

Hi fellow RawTherapists,

Just for your interest: There’s a RT review over at LWN by Nate Willis comparing the old 4.2 with the latest 5.3. His conclusion:

For anyone of a similar bent, RawTherapee 5 is a significant improvement over what had been a capable but bare-bones editor in years past. For anyone who is committed to darktable or has never used RawTherapee before, the benefits may not be a sufficient sales pitch. But the project is worth tracking nonetheless for some of its newer features. For everyone who simply does not care, suffice it to say that it is an encouraging sign that the RawTherapee team is now pushing the bar forward on new technical features; all free-software image-editing projects benefit from that work, in the long term.

If you want to read the article just now, you’ll have to subscribe to LWN (which is a good idea anyway for everyone interested in the Linux community), but I’ve heard those articles can be accessed freely after some time.