Mac builds available

I hired a developer to produce Mac builds of Filmulator, both for Intel and Apple Silicon (M1) hardware. You can find the download links below. Use these builds at your own risk. I am not a developer, and while I trust the developer I hired (if I didn’t I wouldn’t run the builds on my own Macs), I can make no promises of any kind as to the builds’ safety, fitness for any purpose, and so on. Also, while new versions of Filmulator may receive Mac builds again from the same source, I cannot guarantee this and will not enter into exchanges about if or when such new builds can be expected. Just watch this forum, I will update this thread when needed. If the builds somehow fail to run or run satisfactorily on your hardware, please don’t ask me to solve this for you. I have no clue when it comes to programming, but they run fine on mine. All dependencies are built-in. Lastly, I am open to receiving donations to cover the costs of providing these builds. One of you already contributed generously. I don’t intend to make money off these builds, and will update this message when donations are about to exceed what I spent. Happy Filmulating!

EDIT: I have taken down the builds, see below.


Thanks for funding this effort. I think that, since Filmulator is open source, the results from your developer would probably be best placed in a shared repository. That way, others can review what has been done, and potentially contribute by providing updates.

I see why that would be a good idea, but I have already spent a lot of time and money on this and I will not take this upon myself. Sorry. I merely am making the builds available, as promised.

Since you’ve published builds, please be aware that the GPL, which filmulator is licensed under, probably means you need to make the source code available. Not sure if that’s already happened or not…


@carvac, say the word and I will take the builds down again. I have no time for this. The only thing I am willing to do is connect one of you to the developer, and sort it out with him. And I will not be paying for his time.

EDIT: I will take the builds down now. Whoever wants to see them made available again can sort out this license business. I won’t. I discussed making available these builds with @carvac, and nothing was said about ‘source code’ having to be made available as well. I am unable to do so myself, and I won’t spend more money on this.

I guess if @CarVac , the owner of the product, grants you the right to distribute it in this fashion, no one can say otherwise.

Just have your developer push their fork to github/lab/whatever, and then everything is fine.

Why would you not want those changes making it back into mainline filmulator?

Unless @CarVac has licensed the code to this developer differently than it is licensed on github, then this is not the way it works.

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Did you make any changes to the code?

I did say I would pitch in financially if I were to get a working CI pipeline out of it.

I never touched the code, I have no coding skills. I will ask the developer to contact you and you can perhaps work out something. Let me know if I can make the builds available again.