Mac M1 build of R&Darktable

This is an unsupported build of R&Darktable, which is a trimmed down fork of darktable by Aurelien. I haven’t noticed any noticeable issues with this on my M1 Macbook Pro. I thought I would share for others that might be interested.

Please use at your own risk and backup…


I am sure you have made a few people happy…

I’d love to try it but I have a 2019 Mac without the M1 ! :frowning:

Updated build with Color EQ(ualizer).

Please use at your own risk and backup…

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Where can I find the newest? Thx.

I did try to download the file from @jg24 but it doesn’t seem to be the R&Dt version - logo the same, timeline still present and many overlay options.