mac os icon for big sur

even in the latest build of rawtherapee icon is shockingly out of date so I decided to make one which is more in line with the current style of macOS

It’s definitely not perfect but it’s a start and could use a lot of reworking to make sure it definitely fits the style. but it looks very nice in my app drawer. It’s fine for the team to use this for the macOS version if they want and film more than free to take this and use it on your own Mac
I’m sorry if you want to light theme version I did try and make one but I found the drop shadow really didn’t look good. I did try everything I could and if you really want I will upload it. but I feel like most people would actually prefer the dark theme anyway.
I can’t 3-D model so I couldn’t model the logo in 3-D to fit the new skeuomorphic 3d style. I did my best to use shadows to make it look 3-D I hope it worked

@the_slim_bin Welcome to the forum. While it is implicit that forum contributions are creative commons licensed, it would be great if you could attach one so we know where you stand.

Its explicit, in the T&C and ToS.

It is better for the author to clarify; otherwise, as you say, the T&C and ToS would apply.

Yes I agree, but the forum license is explicit-- we wrote it down.

Eh? How so… why do you consider it out of date?

I must also object to a new logo, sorry. Why would need to conform our logo to some (ever-changing) style defined by a third party?

Aside: you do not seem to have based your version on the official RawTherapee SVG logo.

Personally, it reminds me of the beachball of death. :hushed:

Well your right:
1: it doesn’t need to be updated at all but it can be nice to slightly alter the styling on Mac for those who care about all the icons on your app doc looking consistent (me). I don’t think the icon is outdated especially in the context of windows app icons, but Apple has changed the icon style in a noticeable way and my icon is exclusively for Mac OS that’s why I only added the appropriate back drop and “3D shading” allowing it to fit along side the icons
2: yeah I didn’t use the new version you linked because I didn’t find that in my short search before starting. I think is definitely an improvement on what I used and when I have I’ll swap them out as the shading and shadows are independent of the base logo
3: no you shouldn’t need to put effort in conforming to the design ideals of a 3rd party . But not to worry I’ve done the work for making it (even if it’s not the best). So really it’s up to the team what they do with this. Including ignoring it and doing nothing

Wait look I don’t fully understand. I only do art / photo manipulation work for fun so don’t know much about these copyright things.
I do film work but none of these sound familiar to me.
So the best I can say is: this is for anyone to use for free, I don’t care.
I do it as: work of fun and charity.
It’s really not even fully original and based of this community’s work so I don’t know if can even know if I can take some kind of copyright. And was never going to claim any way

Thanks. That is all we need to know. It is good to know the intent of the author.