Mac OS Rawtherapee crashes every time

The new version 5.6 of Rawtherapee crashes and stayed crashing. I use een MacBook Pro with an external drive MyBook where my photo’s are located. Since I opened the external drive in RawTherapee it crashes and after restart it stays crashing.

Im back to version 5.5.

Hi @mppronk62 and welcome to the forum!

Your description is too vague for us to offer any help. Can you be more descriptive about the actions that lead to this crash? Or better yet, find the crash log and attach it here.

What version of MacOS are you using?

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Hi paperdigits

Thanks for the welcome. The only thing I did was downloading the new version, opened the dmg and put the new version via the program icon in the program directoty. Then I started the application and that was no problem The photo’s locally I saw as it was before. That was yesterday.

Today I started RawTherapee and is started good. Then I went to my external drive via Volumes and then it crashed. Several times I restarted and then it did not start, but crased. I have 8 crash reports. I send you one of themrawtherapee-bin_2019-05-24-161242_MacBook-Pro-van-Martin.txt (86.7 KB)

Perhaps the documentation can help:

Might be the culprit. Does it crash otherwise?