Mac OS Sonoma & RT 5.9

Inevitable question - does anyone know whether RawTherapee 5.9 works with the new Mac Somona operating system? I haven’t updated to it yet - but I keep getting prompted to do it. I would hate to lose any RT functionality though…

On my basic Air M1 RawTherapee_macOS_11.0_x86_64_97e181b.dmg works fine.

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Thanks - that’s great to hear. I have the M1 Mac Mini - it came pre-installed with Monterey - and RT 5.8 worked just fine on it. But when I updated to Ventura a year a go - I lost several functions in RT 5.8 - for example the lens profiles and the some of the sliders not working. Was very annoyed. Anyway, I waited until the Mac version of RT 5.9 came out - and that now works fine on Ventura. But I didn’t want to do the update to Sonoma right away, in case I lost some of the functionality again! But your reply is encouraging.

Just make sure to use the dev build from here

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Updated to Sonoma 14.2 and 5.9 crashes just after opening.

Usualy I don’t use Rawtherapee to edit my raw file but I have 5.9 version installed on my iMac 24 M1 with Sonoma 14.2. It seems works fine.

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5.9 is very obsolete on mac, Im testing builds of 5.10-release via this shared folder. Let me know if the latest works out.

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Thank you, also build 5.10 works fine.

Since upadating to Sonoma 12.2.1. on my MacBook Pro any version of RT 5.8, 5.9 and now 5.10 crashes with message ‘rawtherapee quit unexpectedly’. Used to run OK before updating.

Just an update since posting this thread back in September. I held off upgrading to Sonoma - until just before Christmas. I then performed the upgrade - and RawTherapee5.9 works exactly the same as before - with one notable exception: For example, I can make any adjustment with any slider if the entire photo is displayed within the frame. But when I zoom in 100%, it doesn’t matter which tool I’m using (noise, sharpening etc), RawTherapee closes immediately and I get the “Rawtherapee has quit unexpectedly” message.

Because of the multiple versions, you may need to first delete the ~/Library?Containers/RawTherapee folder from your user space.

Not testing the 5.9 package anymore. It is obsoleted by 3 major os versions. Do you get the same result with 5.10-release?

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Hi Richard
I’m running 5.10 on latest Sonoma with no problems (as yet).

But here’s a question, when did the Tone Equalizer from ART make it into RT? It’s a great addition IMO, but I’d not seen it until a couple of hours ago 'cos I’ve been sinful and too tied up in DT!

@Andy_Astbury1 the work on porting the Tone Equalizer spans from the initial PR in Dec '22 to merge in Jun '23.

Sorry - me again. There are three zip archives in the shared 5.10 folder. Is the release version dated 31-12-2023 (115MB) ?
Thanks for your help.

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The one I am testing is the most recent of the three, currently that is RawTherapee_macOS_13.3_Universal_5.9-473-gd0e36ee50_23DEC241357 The date stamp on that reads 2023 December 24, 13:57 Hrs. It’s creation time is just one minute previous, and is labelled green. It incorporates a series of pull requests requested for inclusion into the release-5.10 branch as described in this post:

Let us know how it works out on your system.

All installed OK - and seems to be working fine - including all the bundled profiles, the lens profiles and all the other tools. I can zoom in all the way to 1600%, adjust sliders - and it doesn’t crash. It even remembered the last saved edits from 5.9 and applied them to photos. So far so good. Thank you for the heads up and for helping out.

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Not sure if this a relevant place for this so apologies for any protocol violation, but It’s the first place to discuss RT crashes on Sonoma I saw. It fails for me with above.

Thanks for the report. This is known and the new build will be updated soon. The package can be found in my shared folder: