Mac OS Sonoma & RT 5.9

Inevitable question - does anyone know whether RawTherapee 5.9 works with the new Mac Somona operating system? I haven’t updated to it yet - but I keep getting prompted to do it. I would hate to lose any RT functionality though…

On my basic Air M1 RawTherapee_macOS_11.0_x86_64_97e181b.dmg works fine.

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Thanks - that’s great to hear. I have the M1 Mac Mini - it came pre-installed with Monterey - and RT 5.8 worked just fine on it. But when I updated to Ventura a year a go - I lost several functions in RT 5.8 - for example the lens profiles and the some of the sliders not working. Was very annoyed. Anyway, I waited until the Mac version of RT 5.9 came out - and that now works fine on Ventura. But I didn’t want to do the update to Sonoma right away, in case I lost some of the functionality again! But your reply is encouraging.

Just make sure to use the dev build from here

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