Mac Retina display enabled LuminanceHDR 2.5.2-test

Here’s a new test build for macOS 10.9+ of LuminanceHDR 2.5.2, which was recently updated to have retina display enabled.

  • On the first run it will ask you if you want to update from the web, you can click no.
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Subjective (context) note: In the past I’ve played around with this program but I didn’t manage to adapt to its WF. This time though, the output file surprised me very positively. I then went on tweaking the 32bit file with photoflow and compare it with other HDR processing and final image was vastly superior / more pleasing :+1: THANK_YOU devs

Q&D test with 3 bracketed dngs, only strange thing along the way was An unknown error occurred while executing the “align_image_stack” application… error dialog in the HDR Creation Wizard when I tried to auto-align the files with hugin’s AU_IS while crop’s check box selected; if crop was not selected all went fine

macos 10.13.6

@chroma_ghost thanks for taking a spin with it.
I notice -C is not a valid parameter for the included align_image_stack version 0.7.0-svn3144
That binary exec is provided for mac by the repo prebuilt. It is ten years old, and probably could stand to be rebuilt…

FWIF, my version of align_image_stack identifies itself as:
align_image_stack version 2018.0.0.5abfb4de7961
So it’s possible that 0.7.0-svn3144 is very old.

Indeed autocrop works if I replace align_image_stack with the one from a more recent hugin build (along with AIS’s 18 installed dependencies).

I dont even know what those " AIS’s 18 installed dependencies" are neither really sure what you cats are talking about, but also replaced the mentioned align_image_stack with an alias from hugin and LuminanceHDR now aligns with crop checked :+1:

A new build that has the 2018 align_image_stack, which we were able to get into the repo.


I confirm the confirmation {with groucho’s glasses & mustache} we’re all gonna die, but we’re going down (or up ??) with our images perfectly aligned; what a relief, je ejee je. Works perfect, thanks :+1: :scissors: :palm_tree::lion: :zebra: