MacOS 10.14.6 (Mojave) 3.0.0rc0 History Stack issue.

I am having a weird issue with the history stack on MacOS with the current release candidate.

There are 2 things I am noticing and it is kinda hard to explain.

  1. Sometimes when I click inside the history stack to look at a previous state one of the recent adjustments in the stack gets added to the top of the stack. Seen this happen with both Sharpen and Color Balance so far.

  2. I created a snapshot of my current history state (top of the stack) then I clicked really early in the stack (orientation) so I have a before any adjustments comparison and it caused my entire history stack minus one or 2 adjustments to vanish from the history stack.

#1 is odd #2 caused me to lose my entire edit twice. Note: I am not clicking compress stack by accident nor pressing some weird key combination on my keyboard. Just a simple single left click in the stack.

Figure I would post here to see if I am missing anything or if anyone else noticed a issue like this?

In the mean time when I have some extra time I will try and see if I can find a isolated way to replicate this in a simple fashion for a bug report on GitHub.

I had this behaviour yesterday too on the current master, but i found now way to reproduce it. Switching back to lighttable and then back to darkroom helped.

I did open a bug report here #3340.
Sadly during my attempts to reproduce I had it happen but the debug flag was not working. So I tried again trying to get the debug flag working and this time the issue never happened. Probably going to be very hard to find a exact cause.