MacOS Crashes on an iMac with Mac OS Ventura

I love SiriL and have been using it on my iMac … until March, when I had to go away on Business. Now that I’m back, the latest SiriL 1.03 is unusable, The user Interface is almost completely robbed of mouse selections. I can use the keyboard arrows… to navigate and make some selections… but its not functional. I went to my older copy 1.0 and it was more responsive… but not very good… and would crash regularly.

My iMac is a 3.6 GHz 8-core i9, Mac OS Ventura (13.0 Beta) … 3 screens, but I have tried with only 1 screen… nothing changed. Any Help would be great.

P.S. I have a Mac Studio with the M - Ultra coming soon… it would be great to get a version of SiriL that is optimized for that version… nothing faster out there.


You have to know that none of the Siril devs work on a macOS. Having a bundle working on macOS is kind miraculous and alway difficult to maintain.

  • Are you using the official bundle or homebrew version?
  • How is 1.0.2 running?
  • If someday someone pay us a M1, why not :). But yet it is impossible for us to compile Siril on such computer. And for now we have no way to try it.