MacOS lensfun and RT 5.3 integration issue

I’ve installed RT 5.3 from official macos bundle and lensfun with brew tool. I’ve updated lensfun database and I see different lenses and camers in db directory.

However when I open “Profiled lens correction” menu, I can only see few fujinon lenses. Obviously up to date db is not used.

Is there any way how to diagnose what is wrong with lensfun-rt integration?

Thank you

I think Mac, the lensfun is probably included inside the app. You can use find inside the app bundle to try and find the files.

They are indeed pulled from the contents of the app bundle. You would have to replace those in the appropriate folder within the bundle.

Resources/share/lensfun is where you will find what is copied from Lensfun, /opt/local/share/lensfun/version_1/*
With your brew setup that may be /usr…

That’s it!

Thank you guys.

Just for the record (others)
RT path: /Applications/
lensfun path: /Users/[user]/.local/share/lensfun/updates/version_1/


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