Macro headphone cable

Ever wondered what your headphone cable looks like inside?
My sister’s wired headphones stopped working on one side whenever the plug was touched, so I ended up cutting off the pre-wired plug and fitting a new one.
But I was rather taken with the different colours of enamel insulation on the (very) fine wires…

Classic headphones just have 4 wires, a - and + for each side, but these have a microphone as well. Which doesn’t work any more as I only had a 3-contact plug on hand… she didn’t use it anyway. But the headphones work again!:slight_smile:

In case you’re concerned about the rather messy job I did of stripping back the insulation, this is the unused stump of cable on the faulty plug - I stripped it and tinned (soldered) the ends to do a little continuity testing to work out which colour went to which plug terminal.

For scale, the grey plastic is about 3.8mm wide. :slight_smile:


Yep… Soldering those hair-fine wires can be a suicide-contemplating exercise are tubes! LOL

Ever tried soldering the wires in old-style (RJ-11) telephone cables? Yowch!!

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