MAD is NULL during processing

I have been using Siril for about a year now but have recently got this message when trying to run a script. It has only begun happening since the recent update. It gets almost to the end of the script then stops with the above “Error”. Any pointers would be great please!

Have you checked how looks the file r_pp_light_00022 ?
What are the statistics?


This is the r_pp_light_00022 image (histogram) and the info when I run “stat” in the console. Grateful again for any pointers!

Seems like your lights are 8bit images. Can you share a light and your 2 masters (dark and flats)?

The lights “should” be in RAW16.fits format. I’m using an Altair 26C camera and the files are each around 76Mb in size. The darks and flats are also the same size. I’m more than happy to share these if you could suggest a suitable method.

Many thanks again.

You can use WeTransfer.

I think @cissou8 is right.
Take a look to your stats. The maximum is at 255. Looks like 8bits data.

Here are links to the three files. I’m using Ufile as WeTransfer seems to want to send to an email. As I said the files are 70Mb+ each. Again, very grateful for your input!

Your images are 8bit images:

SIMPLE  =                    T / file does conform to FITS standard
BITPIX  =                    8 / number of bits per data pixel

And the MAD is null because there is not enough signal.

Just had a look at your files, same as @lock042 above. The images are stored as 8b. The reason for the huge file size is that they have been saved debayered, which makes preprocessing kind of impossible. Have you changed anything in your acquisition process recently?

Thank you both for your input. I can’t seem to find what has changed to make this occur in my set up. I’ll try going back to RGB.fits 16bit and see what the results are.