Magic Lantern on Canon 5D classic


Anyone here using Magic Lantern? Your opinions are highly appreciated.

Among other cameras I have Canon 5D classic and am thinking of installign the Magic Lantern. There are two matters I’d like to know before I try.

  1. Do you feel ML provides useful dynamic range extension or negligible?
  2. Is the ML version for Canon 5D worth installing in its current state or too unstable?

Your thgoughts, gentlemen…


p.s. since magic lantern is open-source, this should not violate the forum policy

Why would it violate any forum policies? :slight_smile: I’ve met the ML folks, they’re super nice.

With that said, I’m not a Canon shooter, so I’ll have to defer to some of the other experts here…

because forum administrators in my land are mostly cruel so much that you always go ahead with apoligizes )))))

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I’m using an old ML on my 600D and cannot do without anymore. Give it a try, you can remove it later (and if not, the developers will help you, they are extremely competent).

The 5D Classic version of ML is from 2012, i.e. it is very old.

I have used ML for a Canon 600D and I consider it a very valuable
addition to the camera.

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How much is it valuable for DR extension?

For Dual ISO see here. My old ML doesn’t have it, but I often use the extended HDR bracketing options. They are great!

It reads “You need to postprocess these files with a tool called cr2hdr.” - what does it do and is there a version of this CR2HDR for linux?
With the Dual ISO do I get two shots with different ISO on the memorycard?

No, you get one file (and one shot, that’s the benefit) with columns of altering ISOs. That’s how I understand it. You can find the cr2hdr sources here.

I enjoy CHDK on my 350D, it adds a number of useful features.

I use ML on a 5d3. I don’t want to miss it, however, it doesn’t give you more dynamic range by default. It just has some features (DualISO, better exposure bracketing) that allow you to post-process your shots to get more DR afterwards. The single images are the same as before though.

Hi @mosaster, have you ever tried it?
I got the impression that this release contains only a subset of ML functions and is/was in beta.
Was it useful?

@gadolf Why bump such an old thread? Do you have questions yourself?

Not sure if this answers your collective questions: ML is constantly being updated. It has a nightly base with all of the possible features but not all cameras support them. Moreover, each hardware and firmware difference between cameras has to be considered. There are lots of reverse engineering involved and investigation of hardware registers. It is painstaking work even if you have the best and brightest and then you would have to connect to code that also needs to be imagined and developed.

The ETTR + Dual ISO module combo, in tandem with other features (edit e.g., enfuse stacking), make ML very compelling for DR. Sure, it can be awkward to manage because it is not a part of the original package, so you would need to adapt your capturing and post-processing to ML. But if you have the programming chops and the latest camera supported by ML, with enough RAM and power, you could script a lot of the stuff to make post-processing easier afterward. Just consider the heat budget before you try using the camera innards as a supercomputer. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have a Canon EOS 5D as @mosaster did at the time, and I would like to hear from him if he succeeded. I’m interested in installing it myself.
If you feel it is inapropriate, I can delete these posts.

No, that isn’t what I meant. I would love to assist you!

I used ML for 5D. Compared to 5D II and 5D III, there are not many features for 5D. I remember that I used bracketing a lot to create HDR images.

These days I use 7D and 6D instead. Raw file encryption (7D), raw histogram, Dual ISO, focus bracketing, GPS auto turnoff (6D).

See [UNMAINTAINED] Canon 5D Classic Firmware ** Beta 4 **. @Claes linked to it above but I would like to share it again and note that the research and discussion is still ongoing. It is just that 5Dc is quite different from the other cameras. They may also need more hardware donations if you have a camera to spare; perhaps if a1ex has one, we could move that thread out of the unmaintained status.

Thanks, @Peter!

I had already seen that link, many times before, but since it is a beta version, I would also like to here from people not so deeply linked to the ML world, not so prone to experiments, someone like me and - maybe a wrong assumption - someone like the thread author. Just that.

This post might interest you: comments on their direction moving forward with regard to cameras. How many people would like to donate?.

Many thanks afre, the problem I have is finding the original beta 4 file for the 5d classic as I can’t download it from the magic lantern website
Regards and thank you for responding