Magnum Photos Audrey Hepburn Contact Sheet

The Magnum Photos shop has this contact sheet print for sale from David Seymour of Audrey Hepburn (during the filming of Funny Face (1957)). I always love seeing contact sheets to see which were rejected and what was captured. The thought process to the final prints.

From the Magnum page:

Audrey Hepburn behind the scenes during the filming of American musical comedy ‘Funny Face’, a film released 1957. Photographed by David ‘Chim’ Seymour for Coronet Magazine while in rehearsal in 1956, these are some of the most iconic images of the Dutch dancer-turned-actress. Chim’s career spanned genres and styles. His humanistic approach, which yielded important work documenting conflicts and their aftermath, was complementary to his low key and personable personality, which quickly led him to become the favored photographer of many celebrities.


@patdavid do you know what those “20” and “0” figures/symbols on the frames stand for?

I don’t know what they’re for, but it would be interesting to find out.

Maybe a bit late but I just found this thread. There’s also a book from Magnum “contact sheets” by Kristen Lubben if someone is interested in more contact sheets. Never had a look at it but maybe you can find it in a library. I think it’s a bit expensive. Oh I even get warned that the thread is 4 years old. So sorry for doing this but maybe someone is interested.