Mairi Troisième

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I thought it might be fun to kick this category off with an image of my friend Mairi from my last shoot with her. A study in chiaroscuro.

This was an attempt to feather in the light a bit in order to control the falloff better. The actual softbox is quite high, with the lower edge about even with her eyebrows and firing horizontally (not down on her).

I wanted the light to fall quickly away as it moved below her chin and neck.

This was a special image for me personally as it was one of the few times that I had a vision of what I wanted before even setting up the shoot, and I was able to get exactly what I envisioned beforehand.


My first thought on the lighting was Vermeer, and then I looked at the highlighted link ‘chiaroscuro’. Sure enough Vermeer was mentioned. The image, to me, represents the Golden Age of Dutch Painting; very well done.

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Thank you very much! Vermeer and the Dutch Masters were the intention for this image. (I’m a sucker for the lighting and colors).

The shadows are very soft, and both eyes well lit, I would call that a win in my book.

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Thank you! I was also trying a little trick I picked up from watching Dan Winters behind the scenes videos. He seems to be using either a ring flash or a huge soft backlit scrim directly behind him as a low power fill to just slightly lift the shadows. It seems to work. :slight_smile:

It would yes, and is a great idea worth giving a whirl