Major changes in PhotoFlow "stable" branch

(Carmelo Dr Raw) #21

Thanks! I will have a look. Generally I prefer issues reported on github 'cause they are easier to follow, but here is fine as well…

(Carmelo Dr Raw) #22

Confirmed, I am looking into it…

(Carmelo Dr Raw) #23

It was just a missing initialisation of a pointer… the latest AppImage should not crash anymore when switching to DCP profiles.

Thanks for discovering this!


@Carmelo_DrRaw When I export the image to a TIF (Rec.2020) and import it back into PF, why is the input profile embedded (sRGB)? When I import into GIMP, it recognizes the ICC. Also, GIMP asks me to select a page (of 3) in the import dialog.

(Carmelo Dr Raw) #25

embedded (sRGB) means “read the embedded profile, and fall back to sRGB is no profile is found”. If the colors of the image imported back into PhF are OK, it means that the Rec2020 profile is loaded and used correctly.

Concerning the 3-pages issue with some images, it looks like there is some EXIF data which is not removed correctly. I have plans to look into this as well…

(Elle Stone) #26

Organizing lots of layers - makes it easier to figure out what each group of layers is supposed to accomplish, by allowing to group them without having the actual layer group do anything other than “contain” the layers.

@Carmelo_DrRaw - is my explanation correct? I think I asked Ell (one of the GIMP devs) this question about GIMP’s passthrough blend (new in GIMP-2.9), and this was the answer, I think . . .

@afre - try setting up a passthrough group, and if my understanding is correct, moving a layer in or out of the passthrough group shouldn’t make any difference.

(Carmelo Dr Raw) #27

I think this is indeed the main use of the passthrough mode. I might even consider setting the blend mode to passthrough by default for group layers. At the moment I cannot think of some other typical usage…

I have to think about it more carefully, but most likely you are right… at least in the case in which the group only contains one layer. Otherwise, moving a layer in or out could actually change the order in which the layers are applied.


The selection menu shouldn’t be showing embedded (sRGB) if the profile has been loaded successfully. To avoid confusion maybe indicate the name of the embedded profile.


@Carmelo_DrRaw PF stable is much snappier than linear_gamma was. Again, thanks for your time and effort in development. I have two feature requests.

  1. I often export a TIF file from PF to make edits elsewhere and then import it to take advantage of PF’s color management, which isn’t available in G’MIC for instance. Currently, there is no way to refresh a currently open TIF other than to close the image tab and then reopen the file. It would be handy to have a button or shortcut key to refresh the image to reflect the altered file contents.

  2. It would also be handy to have a reset tool parameters button per tab or section in a multi-tab or otherwise complex module. E.g., this feature would be nice to have in Raw developer; esp. when I have trouble with the WB tab.