Major changes in PhotoFlow "stable" branch

Yesterday I have finally merged the linear_gamma branch into the stable one. This means that all recent developments will be incorporated in the packages provided by PPAs, AUR and the like. From now on, the linear_gamma branch will not be further updated.

The merged changes are focusing mainly on the accurate processing of RGB images in linear gamma encoding, as well as floating-point HDR images. Clipping of channel values has been avoided wherever possible, and new tools like the tone mapping curves have been introduced to provide some simple highlights compression for HDR images.

Another important change is the support for DCP profiles in the RAW development module. Such profiles allow, among other things, to approximately match the vendor-specific look of in-camera Jpegs (by using for example those included in the free Adobe DNG converter package).

Updated binary packages for Linux (in AppImage format), OSX and Windows 64bits are automatically created and made available here.


Thanks for making this important development, it will help not dealing with two separate branches.

So far the only difficulty I have is backward compatibility for those images I processed in the stable branch where I went straight to lab colour space in the initial raw development. These now produce a an incorrectly coloured image. This was the same for the previous linear gamma branch but I did not get round to raising the issue (sorry). I can get round it by introducing an RGB colour space before changing to lab.

You are absolutely right! That’s a bug I will probably fix within a couple of days. Apart from that, backwards compatibility should be fully guarantee.

Great, thanks again!

When I use the path mask and have enable falloff checked PhF gets stuck, without enable falloff it works fine.

The other bugs from the other thread work fine now, thanks again!!

I have tried to reproduce this bug but I couldn’t. Which operating system are you suing?

I’m on Windows 10.
I’ll test again, when I get time…

Can PhotoFlow open CIELab images?

Using the stable branch (just built) I opened an image in the LAB color space (from Lindbloom’s Profile Evaluation set - The image just looks solid black, was opened “as if” it were sRGB with no profile. Assigning a LAB profile from disk didn’t make any difference. Krita opens the same image as a LAB image and it looks correct, so I’m guessing there is no problem with the image file itself.

This happened to me a while ago but I don’t remember in which context.

The packages from today should completely solve the issue with opening old .pfi files with straight conversions to Lab colorspace… please let me know if this is still not fixed for you, or if you still experience other backward compatibility issues…

Thanks for doing this, I’ll check it out when the OSX version is available.

It seems that the underlying VIPS library has some troubles reading such type of image… I will investigate.

Just checked again and whilst there are appimage and windows versions dated 29th there is no OS X version. The one dated 28th does not include the fix I presume as it does not open the direct to Lab files correctly.

Correct. I have some issues with the automated OSX building, hopefully something that will be sorted out today…

The OSX package is finally available for download! It is tagged with the date of today 30th of November.

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The ‘direct to Lab’ files open fine with this version. Thanks again.

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@Carmelo_DrRaw If I embed perspective cor + crop within a Group Layer,


the edges of the image get distorted; e.g.,


This remains in exported images. Outside of the Group Layer, they work as expected.

Set the group layer blend mode to passthrough to disable any blending, otherwise it tries to combine two images with different sizes.

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Thanks. Are there other uses for passthrough?

I don’t know if you prefer issues reported via github or here, but… I just tried the latest appimage of PhotoFlow (./PhotoFlow-20171129_0741-git-stable-070c6d3e7be6e654b13c83e980bb5c2213742b7f.glibc2.17-dbg.glibc2.17-x86_64.AppImage) and I get a segfault if I try to set a custom DCP profile in the RAW developer module. The crash happens as soon as I select “DCP from disk”…