Make Digikam work with RawTherapee - both AppImages

Hi, after digikam 6.4 got released I was stunned about RawTherapee integration, because this is the Raw Editor of my choice :slight_smile: Anyhow, it does not work, I turned the setting to use RawTherapee as a Raw Import Tool but after clicking on Image Editor it stays empty.

I am using RawTherapee as an AppImage on my Ubuntu 19.10 box. I assume that there is an issue with AppImages ?! or should this work.

I also tried to find some documentation how this feature works and what to expect, but found nothing useful.

Perhaps someone can just help out.


Thought it makes more sense to create a separate thread in addition to digikam 6.4.0 will support darktable, RawTherapee and UFRaw as external raw processors.

I just tested and it works on my machine.
I’m running Linux Manjaro, Digikam 6.4 installed from the Arch repo, and RawTherapee self compiled (but the executable folder is added to the path).

When I click on a raw, I click on the “Image Editor” button, on first time I get a message Window about the Gimp plugin, then I proceed and RT fires up. I can edit the raw file in RT, and when I close the RT window the image is processed behind the scene and is displayed in the image editor. I can further modify the image using Digikam’s tools, and when I close the widow it asks if I want to save the result, and saves a jpeg if I answer yes.

@herbert, I’d suggest reporting this as a bug.

I just reproduced this problem with a “clean” Ubuntu 19.10 install (running in a VirtualBox VM) and only the Digikam and RawTherapee release AppImages (no installs from packages).

I searched and see a similar bug report for Windows but not for Linux:

Thanks for testing, created a bug report
You can add your investigation to the ticket, so it gets more traction.

@EdS @herbert spawning external processes from appimages is a bit tricky. An appimage runs the application inside a special environment, that needs to be “reset” to its original state before invoking external programs.

An working and tested example is available in my GIMP appimages. They can invoke an external RAW editor (RT, DT, PF or nUFraw) that come either as a native executable or an additional appimage package.

I would be glad to assist the digikam developers in settings this up, even if my spare time is currently quite scattered and hence I might not be quick in reacting from time to time…

EDIT: one thing you could check already is if a native digital executable can correctly invoke the RT appimage. I am providing the latter personally, so I might be well placed to debug this part…

I installed RawTherapee from the Repo and it works with the Digikam AppImage.

Digikam from the Ubuntu 19.10 Repo is quite outdated, so no option for me.