manual white balance sliders not working

069bacfa ubuntu 18.04
Manual white balance. RGB image tab
Move the red slider to say 0.9. Click Apply. The change is applied.
Move the slider back. Click Apply: no change. The image remains as it was at 0.9.

Any ideas? I must be doing something wrong!

Make the sliders active without having to click Apply each time?


No this is not that easy because it is not only a scale multiplication. In same time we use the background value.

I will take a look to the undo issue.

Oh sorry. This is not a undo issue.
This is just because ymas I said, this is not a simple coefficient multiplication.


  So once you've moved the slider, you can't go back without


I would say no. But I never use it. I did reproduce the PI behaviour for this tool.

Ok. What’s your recommendation for colour balance?

Using the photometric one or the other but not with manual scales :).