Manually insert guides...

Good morning everyone, I have been using RT for over 10 years and I am enthusiastic about it. The perspective correction module, for me who deal exclusively with interior photography, is simply fantastic. However, I would find the possibility of being able to manually insert guides to better control the corrections very useful. Would such an upgrade be possible?

Thank you.

Maybe I’m misunderstanding but that option exists. I’m not on my PC right now, though, so I can’t show you how it’s done right now. Will do as soon as I can.

Hi @carlos1960, you can manually add control lines after clicking the pencil icon.

There’s also a quick access button on the top toolbar.

I apologize for opening the thread. I just now read how to use these guides in the manual. Thanks everyone for the replies.

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Don’t apologize. Reading threads like this is how I learn things. I’m pleased you opened the thread.