Maps module "search for location" broken?


(Martin Scharnke) #1

Since my requested feature of saved places in the maps module of darktable has been implemented, I seldom have need to find a location by searching for its name. Today, I discovered that darktable seemingly will not successfully search for a location name.

darktable 2.4.4 on kubuntu 18.04

Is this a new phenomenon? A known phenomenon? Is there some gotcha that I have missed? It used to work just fine, with all the different map sources. Now I have no joy with any of them. :frowning:

"Find location" not working?
(Christian Kanzian) #2

Maybe you are right. There is an error on the console, if I use find location in map mode:

location search: Error on line 9 char 8: Element 'body' was closed, but the currently open element is 'hr'

with version 2.5.0+379~g6f0b7ddeb

(Martin Scharnke) #3

Thanks for confirming this; when I run from console with -dall I get precisely the same message.

(Christian Kanzian) #4

Seems like an open bug:

(Martin Scharnke) #5

Oops … I searched but couldn’t find that … I must have searched incorrectly on the wrong place. There is now a duplicate issue raised by me, which I shall try to link to the existing one.