Marblelous Lena

I should be using her more often than I do since, well, she is the universal standard. :slight_smile:


I believe some CV developers are moving away from Lena because of her origins :wink: Read an article about that a few months ago. Cool one there!

The model has expressed her wish to have the image retired.

Forsén stated in the 2019 documentary film Losing Lena, “I retired from modeling a long time ago. It’s time I retired from tech, too… Let’s commit to losing me.”[10]

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A possible (and funny) replacement for the famous lena image, is what I called the leno image:

$ gmic sp leno


Many people find it “offensing” to still use the original lena image (for various reasons which I won’t comment on). So, I’ve rendered the leno image to have a pretty close substitute.

The truth is It’s actually still interesting to be able to test and compare the behavior of image processing algorithms on the shared regions between the lena and leno images, because many scientific publications did present applications of the described algorithm on lena, so at least we can get the results of these past algorithms “for free” (without having to recode the algorithms by ourselves) for comparison purposes.

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Haven’t heard about that; after decades of use as a reference, they are now saying this idiocy? Oh well. :slight_smile:

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For those unfamiliar with the history and/or present state of play, I found this on youtube:


Well, she was 21 when she posed for Playboy. In January 2019 she said she was proud of the picture, but later that year she said she did not want the image to be used as a sample (Lena Forsén - Wikipedia).

Update: though maybe that is only for technical articles and such, not all digital creations / art.

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Thanks for sharing the video; cool stuff. Knew some of the story, but not all of this. Oh yes; seen the whole image. :wink:


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As a side, I got the image (link below) from the person does not exist site (i.e, computer generated) and use it often to test ideas and such. Have no issue if others want to use it, but since it was generated, not sure what copyright it would be under, but don’t think anyone can argue free for non-commercial use. :slight_smile:

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