Masking a writing/brand in the image


I want to mask a wiriting/brand in my image using rawtherapee. Is it possible? If yes, how can I do it?



Have a look here:

EDIT: I think I misinterpreted the question; This is not about adding a watermark or signature, but about removing them.

My answer basically stands though. Although you can indeed use RT’s local adjustments for this purpose, but it’s the hard way to do it. Use GIMP or Krita.

Use local adjustments ?

@Mark_Clancy Hi and welcome, but no, even with local adjustments it is not possible to overlay a watermark or logo or text on your images.

It seems the OP wants something else.

Thanks, I downloaded GIMP and watching tutorials :slight_smile:

I am pretty new in photo editing/manipulating. I dont know how to do that with local adjustments. If somebody show me step by step it would be great. By the way, I am aiming to remove brand names and unnecessary witings in my images before uploading them to stock image websites.

Now I understand what you want. To be honest, I would not advise to use RawTherapee for this goal, but to use raster-based image editors like GIMP or Photoshop. Their tools are much more fine-grained and powerful for this task, like content-aware replacement.

There are possibilities to apply local blurs using Local Adjustments (, but if you’re a pretty new user, expect a steep learning curve.