Mass rotation of fits before sequence export to avi


I have a series of fits, which is actually a film of prary dogs which I captured with my telescope and ZWO178MC…

Now, I am trying to use Siril to convert this series of fits into an avi file…
BUT, my prary dogs have their heads upside down!!!

Is there a way to use Siril to do the inversion/rotation?

What I did is: add all my fits into the conversion tab, save as a new sequence with debayer.
In th sequence tab, export sequence as avi file…

Thanks for your help.

Hello, this is a known issue and it should be fixed for the upcoming 1.2 release. If you were able to build it and confirm that it worked, it would be very helpful.


The version that I have is the 1.2.0-rc1

I might be able to build from source (being a SW engineer)… but where do I get the latest version of the source code?



You can get the steps to build from sources depending on your OS there:

If you need to test the version that will soon be released, make sure you checkout branch 1.2