Matt Black Touch-Up Paint for lenses?

Can anyone recommend a supplier for specialist touch-up paint for lens restoration? Specifically, I’m refering to the matt black finish you find on most metal housings.

This looks promising. Anyone tried it? Not sure if there are any camera/lens repair/servicing enthusiasts other than myself on here:

I have dabbled a bit in that area, especially in semi-antique M42 lenses.
My "speciality " is grease for helical coils :-).

Non permanent??? Then it wil easily rain off and wear off.

How about good old Humbrol and similar model builder stuff?

Our man in Havana is a skilled restorer. Ping @difrkaguilar.

Have fun!
Claes in Lund, Sweden

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Hi, Claes!

Yep, I read that ‘non-permanent’ statement as well, which is rather confusing given the listed applications – after all, what good is a non-permanent paint for that kind of stuff (it’s not as if anyone is thinking of temporarily dressing up their camera for Halloween or something)?! Strange.


This is the one I use to paint some surfaces with black. Maybe it’s not the best option but works for me. It’s truly permanent and can be used in different surfaces.


That sounds to spys :wink: :sweat_smile:


Don’t tell everyone.
It is supposed to be a secret.


I can’t really help with the question but I thought, I’d out myself for also having interest in lens repairs. I did smear some helicoils and clean aperture blades of some vintage lenses (in the last month I serviced a Minolta 55/1.7 a Mamiya 300/5.6 and a Tokina 90/2.5).

I’m not a pro, but I find it really rewarding, bringing these old lenses back to life.

I did note the marker mentioned by @difrkaguilar as it my be also usefull for my needs.