Matte or glossy computer display?

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What is your opinion on display types? Glossy or matte, which is the way to go?

I’m looking to purchase a new laptop (my circumstances does not allow me to procure a desktop setup) and have begun filtering on the following:

  • RAM (≥8 GB),
  • processor (i5/i7 from 2016 (arbitrary) and later),
  • screen size (≥15,6"),
  • IPS display.

I am looking at the storage configurations, but that is not really a deal breaker since most have SSD anyway, and I still do standalone backups.

However, when it comes to display surface, the right path eludes me.

  • How annoying would it be to use a glossy display, when it comes to reflections?
  • How “off” is the color and contrast of a matte display?
  • Could a half-way (“hybrid”) type display be the way to go?

I am using a 14" laptop with matte display today and I never knew it to be off.


Hej Mattias & välkommen!

This comparison is a bit old, however, I believe that the pros and the cons show up quite well:

Have fun!
Claes i Lund


I have had glossy display in the past :frowning: . I’ll never want anymore a glossy display.

A matte one is imho much better.

As for the cpu, i suggest a cpu that has at least a score of 8.000 at cpu benchmark. If it is possible to upgrade cpu in the future, even better.

Anyway often notebook display are far off speaking about color accuracy, think about a spyder.

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Never ever a glossy display ever.

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Thank you for the specifics.
What is a spyder? DuckDuckGo does not give me relevant search results.

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Always great with visual examples.

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I think that settles it. :slightly_smiling_face:


I think mattes are rarer and more expensive. Rarer because they don’t sell as well since they aren’t as pretty as first impressions go in a electronics store. Expensive because the demand is lower and I guess it caters to a more discerning crowd. Of course, there are pros and cons too but if I had a choice, based on what I have read, matte does appear to be the better choice.


Hej igen!

A Spyder? Oh, it is a creepy thing, building nets…
In this context, however, it is a gadget to calibrate/profile monitors and printers.

Like these:

or these:

Claes i Lund

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Among the first 50 results in my search there was only one glossy. :grin:


Also touch displays are generally less bright or they lower the battery life.


@Embridioum Maybe I am living under a glossy rock. :joy_cat:

One thing to be aware of is a spec sheet won’t tell you everything that there is to know about a display. You need to see it, compare it, calibrate / profile it and ask around.

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Yeah, touch is not going to happen.