Maya 2022 and ACES to Natron

The reason id like to go that route is cause most Artists here do not understand anything about color management. We need a out of the box solution without touching settings in maya.

Bad news is that this isn’t how OCIO is meant to be used (covered above) so any problems you have with this method are yours to deal with, sorry. I cannot help people who have a settings related issue if they refuse to change the setting. If you aren’t changing the default OCIO config to your global config (whatever that may be, maybe you prefer Filmic over ACES, that’s cool too) you’re not using OCIO in the way it is intended to be used.

ACES 1.3 is running fine. I try to upgrade the pipeline to 1.4 but there is only the one from Maya compiled. Cause Autodesk is doing OCIO 2.

What? ACES 1.3 came out 20 days ago, if you’ve found built configs for 1.4 (if that even exists) you absolutely shouldn’t be using those yet. Maya’s default config likely uses ACES 1.2 assuming they follow the VFX reference platform specs.

Thanks for bearing with me. I know im annoying.

I dont refuse to change settings but i want to change them only in Natron and my global setting is the one from maya.

I assume that wont work until Natron does read OCIO2 files. Im fine with that back to Maya2020.

Thanks for your help!

Hey whatever works… Just so we’re all on the same page though, this absolutely works fine in Maya 2022 as long as you’re using the color-science ACES configs in both programs. If you want to use the default config in Maya 2020 as your OCIO config that will do whatever it does in both programs but at least your configs are synced!

In any case, hope you’ve been able to fix your issues and match your colors between programs! :+1:

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Hi, sorry if I’m resurrecting a thread that should stay dead. I joined the forum because this post helped me with an issue I was having. But because I’m one of those people that doesn’t truly understand color management, I’m not sure which color space to use for some of my textures in Maya/Arnold. I converted a previous scene to the new color management settings you described here, but I’m getting errors for textures that used to be set to the Raw color space. Would Utility-Raw be the equivalent that I should use now? And what about the textures that used to be set to just sRGB? That color space doesn’t exist in the list any more.

Thanks again for this awesome info!

Everyone’s gotta start somewhere so no worries. I’m glad you found this information helpful!

Yes, textures that do not contain colour information (roughness, normals and the like) should indeed be set to Utility - Raw, I believe Role - data works the same way but only exists for OCIO features that I don’t personally use or really understand, for a description of why this exists see here.

sRGB encoded colour information needs to be moved into the ACES space as you know, so for that we use Utility - sRGB - Texture. It performs the same task as Maya’s default sRGB transform but is just labelled differently. If you have lots of these already set up in your files it may be worth scripting VS manually changing every file node over to the new name.

Hope this clears things up! :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the quick reply! I’m assuming HDRI’s should also be set to Utility - Raw if they were set to Raw in the previous system? That seems to give me good looking results so I hope it’s right.

Not quite. Your HDRIs are likely encoded with sRGB primaries and those need to be converted to ACES primaries. HDRIs do contain colour (light) data, they aren’t just arbitrary values that the render engine uses for material or position information like other raw data sources. Previously setting these to raw was probably fine as they are already linearized and you were likely rendering with the same RGB primaries (rec709/sRGB) as the HDRIs themselves. Now that you’ll be using AP1 primaries to render you gotta convert em.

I can already hear Tory getting mad about this so do note that this conversion process isn’t without it’s problems. I think ACES is interesting and I’m sympathetic to the problems they’re trying to solve but just know that it’s not yet a perfect system today from a technical perspective. :upside_down_face:

The config option you want for these is probably going to be Utility - Linear - sRGB. Maya’s default config also has an option for this under a slightly different name.

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Brilliant thanks! It’s hard to find this info on other VFX forums, or they just give the answer but don’t explain why. I think I’ll stick around a bit

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