Merge Metadata (Geotags) into already created XMP File

my situation is this:
I have photos (Canon CR2 files) which are already processed with darktable, so they are in the database and the sidecar XMP file was created.

These photos doesn’t have tags (no keywords and no geotags)

I really like to have the tags written into the CR2 so because darktable only use the sidecar files I would like to use digikam for the keyword tags and geosetter for the geotags.
Both programs write directly into the CR2 file (yes I know…but if anything bad happen I still have backupfiles :slight_smile: )

The question now is how can darktable read the tags from the CR2 but also read the editing parameters from the XMP file?

I tried to remove the photo from the database and reimport it but that didn’t work.
The only way I get the tags into darktable was to also delete the XMP file but then I loose all the editing data.

Is it possible to force darktable to read the tags from the CR2 and write it into the XMP file?


darktable 3.6.0

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Have you tried exiftool? Use it to copy the tags from your .CR2 to the xmp (see exiftool documentation). Exiftool can process multiple files with single command so you don’t need to do it one-by-one.

If you’re GPS tags are already bedded, there is a button to “reread metadata” in the selected images module.

:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: Now that was easy!!! I still have so much to learn with darktable.
Thank you!