message I get when I try to open (Mac) [solved]

Not sure I picked the right category. my problem is, my mac message I gets- “this application is not supported on this mac” currently running macOS big sur 11.6.8
I’m new to this so I hope it’s something easy to fix. any solutions? thank you

Hi @Gimp1717, and welcome!

I am not a McPerson, but
what Gimp version were you trying to use,
and from where did you obtain it?

Have fun!
Claes in Lund, Sweden

gimp 2.10.34 I believe it’s the latest one. i downloaded it right from their website

It is my understanding that there are Intel-based Macs and Apple-M1-based Macs and you have to pick executables compiled for you particular architecture, in other words do you need the M1 edition or the Intel edition?

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you’re a genus! LOL yes I tried intel and it worked! thank you. :wink: