Metadata: I'm lost, I don't seem to understand

RT 5.6 appimage

I manage my images with Digikam and have it set to create the XMP sidecars. I use DK for the DAM and RT for the processing.

RT only reads or shows only sections of the description

Exif - Fields related to IPTC Photo Metadata
Field Name	                 Field Value
Creator (Exif - Artist)	         Syv Ritch --
Copyright Notice (Exif)	copyrighted -- all rights reserved
Date Created (Exif - DateTime Original)	2010:10:28 10:15:18
Description (Exif)	        Zeick is a 4 month old Husky and he just learned to sit on command.

here is the value in the image xmp file:

 <rdf:li xml:lang="x-default">Zeick is a 4 month old Husky and he just learned to sit on  command, a couple of days ago.&#xA;&#xA;Zeick has Heterochromia which is different eye colors. His right eye is blue and his left eye is yellow. When Huskies get Heterochromia, they always get one blue eye. The same Heterochromia also happens with Border Collies and Siberian Huskies but at a much lower frequency. This is due to the lack of development of melanin in one eye. &#xA;&#xA;Personally, I don't like it. I don't know why but it makes me uncomfortable.</rdf:li>

How do I get everything?


I don’t know Digikam, so here is a mere suggestion. Determine whether you can use Digikam to store your description in the Exif field for comment.

I’m actually in the process of learning the in’s and out’s of using the same combination myself (Digikam + RT). RT doesn’t read or use .xmp so you won’t be able to use that to transfer metadata between the two programs.

I’m currently investigating, if I can use exiftool to read the digikam xmp and write it in the jpeg outputed (if that’s a word) by RT.


Try this:
Have RT export to a separate folder, then copy the xmp from source folder to the export folder. If your source image a raw file, your XMP is likely to be called something like: DSC06419.ARW.xmp (imagename.rawextension.xmp), so you will need to rename the copy to match the exported images name (DSC06419.jpg.xmp)

Open the export folder in Digikam. In the menu bar, go to Item > Re-read Metadata from Files to load the metadata from the xmp file then Item > Write Metadata to File

If you work in batches, you can export all of your images from RT to the export folder, then copy and rename xmps and use Album > Re-read Metadata and Album > Write Metadata to the whole lot in one go.

Full disclosure: This is more-or-less my workflow!

It can be a bit tedious copying xmp’s around and renaming them so I wound up writing a Python script that does it for me (I give it the export location, then source location and then it matches any exported jpg’s to the source raw and copies and renames any xmp files).