Metadata in generated jpg files

HI All,

As a relatively new user to ART & also RT I’m trying to figure out what is the best workflow for getting the correct metadata in my jpg images.

I think what I would like is to only include my copyright information and maybe the original file name etc in the data that is saved in a jpg. Maybe people have any opinion on what makes sense to include?

I can’t seem to see an easy way to do this with ART. Instead I’m setting the option to “Strip all metadata” and then I use exiftool to add just the stuff I want.

Ideally it would be nice to do this all in one step. Is there any easy way to do this or am I approaching this wrong?


Hi @drhunt, and welcome!

this is a sensible request, but currently not possible. What you are doing is the current workaround.
I will consider adding this possibility, thanks for the suggesion! If you can, please open a feature request at so that this doesn’t get lost.

Thanks @agriggio I’ll add it to the issues list. If I can find some time I might have a go at implementing it. I assume you take patches?

patches are always welcome! however, I’ve actually pushed it earlier today on master… there are now check boxes for the exif tags, which let you choose which ones to include in the output. I haven’t tested it much though, there might be some bugs

Even better! Thanks. I’ll give it a go.