Migration from Aperture?

I am considering migrating from Aperture 3.6 to Raw Therapee 5.6 on a MacBookPro, OS 10.14.3. Please answer the following questions:. If the capabilities are not yet implemented but planned, please state that. Thanks.

  1. Is it non-destructive…i.e. retains original input image files in jpeg or raw?

  2. Does it offer Migration from Aperture software or advice?

  3. Will it be able to see both the original files from the camera and the versions with Aperture edits?

  4. Will it import .JPG and .NEF files from Nikon D5300 and D7500?

  5. Does it have a means to remove haze from airborne shots?

  6. Does it support at least simple edits (like trim) of .MOV files?

  7. Does it have a means to export pictures and video clips to Flickr in the same order and with captions as viewed in it’s browser?

  8. Does it include the capability to add text or simple graphics like arrows to images?

  9. Which other tools, e.g. Photo Shop, does it support as plug-ins to provide additional capability?

  10. Does it allow other Mac software, e.g. Preview, to access edited images?

  11. Why is it not listed in the Mac app store?

  12. Is it a 64 bit app that will be supported when the next major Mac OS “Catalina” comes out this fall?

  13. Does it support combining portions of two or more images, e.g. to replace a head with eyes closed in a group shot?

  14. Does it allow editing of metadata?

Thanks. I look forward to your answers.

These answers are to the best of my knowledge. I reserve the right to be wrong :wink: I suggest you peruse the documentation at https://rawpedia.rawtherapee.com


No. You will not be able to view or use your edits from Aperature in RawTherapee.

Raw and jpegs from camera: yes. Edits from other software: no.






Almost anything that can handle a JPEG or TIFF, as you can list the app in the “external editor.”

Yes, just open the resulting jpeg/tiff in whatever application you’d like.

Because you need an apple developers license which costs $99 and you’re also subject to the whims of apple’s approval and removals. Last I looked, the Apple App Store does not allow Free Software in the store.



To some extent, I believe it does.


@paperdigits already answered your question, but I found one small error …

RT does not have an image library, it uses just folders and files, so it does not import anything from a camera.