Mildew on Photos

Don’t know if I have this in the right category - please move if it’s not .
I usually would do it manually as I have never found something that can remove mildew yet on a digital photo.
Can anyone advise me of a way I could do it quicker? - I am actually asking to give a proper answer to someone else and yes it might help me as I restore a lot of photos too. I would prefer a gimp or gmic solution please

Can you elaborate, maybe post a sample. Mildew on digital data sounds, mhm, unusual.

I have mildew in some slides and negatives (film). There is nothing to recover, need to add something artistically.

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Thanks for the prompt reply. It is a scan of a photo that was taken in 1917. {Once scanned it is digital - is the way I look at it}

So it’s photo restoration after scanning.

I suggest you post a high quality (TIFF) sample here. This give you valuable feedback. I did that some years ago.

Thanks again for your reply. I would probably use levels to correct the colours on you photo there.

It’s not my photo so don’t think I can post it. I was hoping someone with gimp knowledge could tell me if they knew something that could be used. I know about wavelet decompose but do not know how to use it properly

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Perhaps you could show a small section without any details that could lead to conclusions about the main subject.

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Some black bars added in Gimp should also do the job. Just ask the owner of the image.

Just to clarify what this is about, the owner of the photo posted a question with a very small section here:

Thanks for the link. I think one needs more of the photo to test what might work. The image is from 1917, all people on it are probably dead. If the owner thinks people would “steal” the image, some large bars will help.

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thank you everyone. I was taking a ‘guess’ at it being milldew - looks lke it. They have already been asked to provide a fuller picture and haven’t yet unfortunately. :frowning: