Missing ASCII Art Export Option?

I am trying to find the ASCII Art export option in gimp, as I have done something similar before, and yet I can’t seem to find it in the export menu for some reason. What happened?!

I still have it in my 2.10.34. The module is file-aa (lib/gimp/2.0/plug-ins/file-aa/file-aa).

Well, as usual Ofnuts beat me to it.

No mention of OS / Gimp version and your screenshot looks like File → Open options rather than File → Export. There is no text File → Open.

That file-aa plugin you can check Using Help → Procedure browser to see if it is there.

Open a text file in Gimp? Copy / Paste from a text editor into a Gimp text layer. Use a monospaced font and adjust the character spacing.

Ah yeah. Thanks for that.

It actually is in the File → Export thing first of all.
Also I checked in the Procedure browser, and it doesn’t seem to be there for some reason.

From your screenshot: OS(C:) so that implies a Windows installation.

file-aa.exe is certainly missing from Gimp 2.10.36 I can also check a Win Gimp 2.10.32 and missing there as well.

What can you do ? Attached a file-aa. exe (zipped) This comes from the samj 2.10.36 portable. Unzip and put in your Gimp User Profile plugins folder

Works here Win 10 (VM) Gimp 2.10.36 this a 40 second animation.


edit: Forgot to mention. If you install the gimp_gmic_qt plugin there is an ascii art filter that has an option to export to a text file.

file-aa.zip (40.3 KB)

Thank you so much!

It would be useful to open an issue on our issue tracker to make sure this can be corrected in the next installer.