Missing filters or changed titles?

(Marijke Groothuis) #1

With the installation of Partha’s Gimp 2.10 package I finally got to get G’MIC-qt to work on my machine but now I find two of my favourite filters “missing”. The version included in the install is Windows 64-bit 2.2.3_pre#180429. The filters I can no longer seem to locate are what used to be called “Color abstraction paint” and “Dream Smoothing”. I have used these two filters in combination for a number of years now and hope they are still somewhere to be found, but under a different name perhaps? (fingers crossed). Can anyone shed any light on this please?

(Marijke Groothuis) #2

All good! I ran into more “missing” filters and decided to try a filter definition update (even though this was a new installation). Lo and behold another 101 filters were added to what I had and the “missing” filters are all there.