Missing GUI for batch-processing

(G'MIC staff) #1

I got this today at the github forum. I thought this would be more appropriate to post it here.
(original link: https://github.com/dtschump/gmic/issues/100)

From: michas0602,

Please add a appropriate batch-usage within the gui.

Do I really have to study cryptic command-line commands as a new user? Do we have 2019 or 1990?
If its already somewhere please make it more 'WYSIWYG'.

What do you think ? :wink:

(G'MIC staff) #3
  • And what about a little bit of respect when requesting features ?
  • Someone wanting to do batch processing without studying a bit of command line ? Really ?


Some people just aren’t that friendly to others :wink:

I get that point. Most people I know have never used the command line for anything.

I also prefer input methods via a gui over the command line, if it’s well implemented.

(G'MIC staff) #5

Then everyone can congratulate this guy. This is now officially a feature we’ll never implement;
Just to be sure no one gives us orders.
It was not in our plans anyway :smile:

(Michael) #6

That’s the right attitude that makes good software :muscle:

I am that evil, disrespectful human who posted that. However, you´re the guys who invested hours, days, weeks or months to a (possibly good) software which will never be usable/understandable by some (?) people…luckily it was/is not my time.

I´ve read some tutorials (https://paulsphotopalace.wordpress.com/tag/gmic-batch-processing-gimp/) , but its useless as all I found starting with 'activate log/verbose - I do not even find this in my actual install.

Be it as it is…I just use another software :slight_smile: I am sure I find an easier way.

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Good news ! Farewell !


Hmm perhaps not the finest wording, but I do see the word “please” in there twice!

@Micha1982 if you have a change of heart and decide to invest some time in command line, feel free to ask here for help if you get stuck :slight_smile:

(dumb) #9

Get the plugin. Input all layers. Done.



There’s few more option besides G’MIC if you are not happy with it. @Joan_Rake1 has given the right answer to GUI version of G’MIC. Works on GIMP and Krita.

  1. BIMP plugin for GIMP
  2. ImageMagick
  3. Commercial batch processing software.

(dumb) #11

…and it should work through the Paint.NET wrapper too. If you’re looking for file selection through a file manager, that can be done through anything that G’MIC is a plugin for unless you’ve got a really horrible file manager that doesn’t support it. The only caveat is that images will have to be exported layer by layer.


I am always amazed that people will make demands of others who are giving them something for free. If they are that unappreciative of your efforts, you are better off without them.

(G'MIC staff) #13

Requesting new features is usually interesting, as developers can learn new things and new ways of using software. But I like when it starts a discussion, not when the user strongly demands it in a raw way.

(dumb) #14

I suppose it’s a case of ‘errrr! you DIDN’T include that OBVIOUS thing that literally any idiot could think of and it SUCKS’, though in this particular situation this was added, even if it’s in a partial way considering that there is no file browser. Our friend didn’t even need to touch a command line because of this:


Perhaps in the next update it should flash!

(Mica) #15

Can’t we just be nice? It isn’t that hard.

@Micha1982: your original report on github is quite rude, as many people have invested many hours into this project (thousands of hours? I don’t claim to know), and then were kind enough to make the code open and share it freely so that others could benefit. Insulting them for not having a feature you want (but other may not need) is unnecessary and clearly will not get you the results you want, which is to have the feature added.