Missing lighttable preferences

darktable version: 3.5.0~git1057.410a9d767-1

I seem to be missing a number of preferences from the lighttable prefefences tab.
number of folder levels to show in lists
sort film rolls by
sort collection recent to older
color manage cached thumbnails

Have they been intentionally removed? I’m confused because the nice new on-line manual still shows them.

I think so. I remember a discussion on github, starting at end of november. I did not follow the complete discussion. But possibly you might have a look at https://github.com/darktable-org/darktable/issues/7050#issuecomment-733177781 which was part of the discussion. Specifically :

lighttable :
first 3 and 5th settings are native to collect images modue and if i’m not mistaken there’s an ongoing pr to sort it out

As we had so much preferences, we decided to move some related to a specific part, directly in the specific part. You should find what you search now by clicking in hamburger menu on the right of filter collections module. Some modules have now a preferences item in that hamburger menu.

That way, you could access quickly and directly related settings.

Thoses changes will be officially released in 3.6.


That explains it. Thanks for the explanation.