Missing plugins for GIMP-Partha-build?

Hi @partha,
I recently installed your build of Gimp 2.10 (standard) which seems to work really great! Thanks you! I was however wondering about one thing: the plugins such as Nik, LightZone, Panorama Stitcher appear registered in the GIMP filters menu but cannot be found when executed. I get the following error for all of the plugins, except GMIC:


followed by an undo error:

Are these plugsins included or do they need to be downloaded and installed separately? I cannot find, for example, LightZone.exe on the system. Sorry for the dumb question.

According to partha.com “…you have to make sure that you have installed it in its default location.” (Lightzone

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Yeah, I read that, too, but since I’m unfamiliar with this, I was just wondering if I need to download and install those plugins separately, or if they are supposed to be included in the installation package from Partha.com.


@HIRAM Thank you Hiram!

@drhphotography, As @HIRAM said, you need to have these applications installed in their default location. The appropriate downloads are indicated in the sidebar. :slightly_smiling_face:

Two caveat:

  1. Nik Plugins are now available from DxO and so the plugins won’t work since they are expecting the download from Google. I suggest in this transitory period, while installing, change DxO to Google.

  2. On1 free effects are no longer called Free effects. After Installation, remove the word “Free” from the installation folder and the application name


You have to download them and install them. See the 2 caveats above.

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@partha and @HIRAM Thanks! I totally overlooked the sidebar for the extra downloads. My newbie mistake!

@partha : The trick of changing Dxo to Google saved me… Thanks for the tips !