Missing Tags in Digikam

So from time to time I visit my digikam database and last week, I get to update my tags and I have added at least 35 tags, it’s just a bunch of webtoon comics. But then just now, I looked through my tags database and my almost all of my anime tags are missing! The number of tags there are much more than my webtoon comics one. Five tags were left and I have tagged that album of 471 photos last December.

I already restarted my laptop and the album’s in my hard drive. There are time where I have ejected my hard drive and I would open digikam. Is it because of that? I mean, I know I can always retag it but it’s just a bummer since I have tagged that for a day.

No answers so far, but maybe you didnt write/save the tags to the database?

I use tags a lot in Digikam, but once you start a hierarchy of tags, the problems start.
Renaming tags, and moving tags around the hierarchy is tricky, as you need to be sure you have updated every image with the new tag location. If you don’t then the next time you start digikam, it will read the images and recreate the tags in the old location.

I played around with this, and ended up with “orphaned” tags. These are in the database but not on any image, so you cannot delete them. I have tried deleting the database and restarting, but the orphan tags keep coming back - you see the list of them scrolling past during startup.

I raised this on the digikam.org site a few years ago, but didnt really get a response.

I get error messages like this during startup:

Digikam::AlbumManager::scanTAlbums: Failed to find parent tag for tag “Black-chested Snake Eagle” with pid 1563

Digikam::AlbumManager::scanTAlbums: Failed to find parent tag for tag “Augur Buzzard” with pid 1643

Does anyone have any clues how to find the offending tags and remove them?