Missing Uploaded File

The link to 009 rt morgan tm.jpg.out.pp3 isn’t working for me.

How is it not working?

I get this:

which doesn’t happen with the other pp3 links.

Ah, the S3 object seems to be missing @patdavid and/or @darix

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Yep, I’ll have a look shortly and see what’s going on.

[update] - it appears that file has gone AWOL, which I don’t like at all. @Morgan_Hardwood would you be able to re-upload that file for me?

I’m going to go write something to walk through and check for bad links…

I walked through all links on the site and checked for health (well, a 200 response at least). I think everything should be fine now, but of course let me know as soon as you spot something off!

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Thanks. I see that broken links are now struck-through. BTW, the file in question hasn’t been replaced yet.

Unfortunately, the author of the file has since lost it. :frowning:

Was the before, during, or after the S3 move?

After, I think. I took a look back through the bucket but didn’t have any luck.

Ah. I wanted to start holding a backup of the forum at some point, if that’s agreeable with you


Absolutely. What would be the best way to trigger this for you, I wonder? I can get you perms on the Amazon bucket that holds them, or I can just bump you to admin on discuss and you can access the backups there.

Not sure how to do it programatically atm.

Either way is fine! There must be an api call for the backup