Missing Uploaded File


The link to 009 rt morgan tm.jpg.out.pp3 isn’t working for me.

Dealing with clipped highlights - an example
(Mica) #2

How is it not working?


I get this:

which doesn’t happen with the other pp3 links.

(Mica) #4

Ah, the S3 object seems to be missing @patdavid and/or @darix

(Pat David) #5

Yep, I’ll have a look shortly and see what’s going on.

[update] - it appears that file has gone AWOL, which I don’t like at all. @Morgan_Hardwood would you be able to re-upload that file for me?

I’m going to go write something to walk through and check for bad links…

(Pat David) #6

I walked through all links on the site and checked for health (well, a 200 response at least). I think everything should be fine now, but of course let me know as soon as you spot something off!


Thanks. I see that broken links are now struck-through. BTW, the file in question hasn’t been replaced yet.

(Pat David) #8

Unfortunately, the author of the file has since lost it. :frowning:

(Mica) #9

Was the before, during, or after the S3 move?

(Pat David) #10

After, I think. I took a look back through the bucket but didn’t have any luck.

(Mica) #11

Ah. I wanted to start holding a backup of the forum at some point, if that’s agreeable with you

(Pat David) #12

Absolutely. What would be the best way to trigger this for you, I wonder? I can get you perms on the Amazon bucket that holds them, or I can just bump you to admin on discuss and you can access the backups there.

Not sure how to do it programatically atm.

(Mica) #13

Either way is fine! There must be an api call for the backup