MNG or APNG (PNG- animation file creation)

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MNG is simular to PNG but performs like GIF if much color and and bit depth. But, for some reason Natron can not read the file format. Has anyone had a chance to open this file format in other compositors or even older versions of Natron.

Here is an except from a webpage about .MNG:

“The Multiple Network Graphic is stored in the MNG format, and these files are affixed with the .mng file extension. These files are used as graphic image animations. These MNG files are generally classified as raster image files that represent the proposed multiple-image extensions of the PNG (Portable Network Graphics) format for Web animations. Just like the PNG format, these files contain bitmap indexed colors played in animations, slide shows or complex still frames consisting of multiple PNG or JPEG Network Graphic (JNG) single-image data streams. These files replaced GIF animations and employ either lossy or lossless data compression. In more technical terms, they have the basic structure and chunks as the PNG format, but with a more complex signature and greater variety of chunks used for animation. The first MNG version 1.0 was launched on Jan 31, 2001 and some of its known supporters are Gwenview, Mozilla, Netscape, Sony Ericsson and Sphere game engine.”

Any assistance is appreciated.

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convert output*png video.mng

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I agree with @bazza
convert is available either from imagemagick, but you can also use gm convert with graphicsmagick.

Be careful, however, that MNG has very little support in modern browsers. It should be considered deprecated.

Prefer APNG, supported in all browsers except IE and Edge. Note that APNG wiill still display a non-animated image in non-supporting browsers.


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This format is very interesting. But it does not use a lot :frowning:
For animations and interactive presentations


Several years ago, I looked into MNG, APNG, etc. I believe there is even a TIF variant that does animation. They just aren’t well known or supported and probably will never be, let alone fully supported (i.e., read, write, metadata, etc.).

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is a png with animation :open_mouth: