Mobile phone photography

I recently bought Moto X4 phone. My first phone that can shoot raw. I have installed Open Camera app and also a modified Google pixel 3 camera app on it. I am very happy with some of the photos that I took. I thought that I will showcase them here and suggest that we can start mobile phone photography topic on this site.

Note : all the photos are processed on the phone using Snapseed. Please zoom in and see the amount of detail each of the photos have. Quite impressive.


Side note - I didn’t know what happened, but I edited your post to make the image show up correctly.

I was editing the post to introduce blank vertical space between two photos when you saw the post! I will try again now.

Nice shots, particularly the first two.

Where did you get the modified Pixel 3 phone app, and does it allow you to use the Nightsight?

I have an actual Pixel 2, so I have Nightsight anyways, so I’m just curious if that functionality is available to other phone models also.

I’m wondering if it’s in the Play store, since Google may use it as a selling point for their brand of cell phones and may block others from getting it.

I got it from XDA forum. I think it was the one modified for one plus 6 by Arnova guy. It is bit buggy but has night sight.

Here is one shot taken in very dark environment using night sight


Nice images. Is the first image of a peace lily? I have one at home but didn’t know how to take care of it properly, so it didn’t do so well for a while. If you have any tips, message me or something. :slight_smile:

Wonderful! :smiley:


Yes @afre, it is a Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum) plant. But is from the garden of the office I work in. So would have to ask the gardener about the tips, I don’t know! Sorry.

I love how much can be done on cell phones these days. Great images!!


Yes i love it too! Did you hear about PhotonCamera? It’s fully open source replacment to Google Camera. App is still under development, but actually can produce nice naturally images.

For latest version you need go to into Telegram group.IMG_20210411_084031


I hadn’t. But I have now downloaded it. Will try it out. Thanks for the info @Soong.

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This also might be worth checking out:

I haven’t tried it myself because my phone doesn’t support raw capture. It looks like it stacks raw images and then does exposure fusion / tone mapping, but I would imagine it could be easily modified to output linear images instead for further editing in another program.


Dev said, he want to implement exposure fusion for better dynamic range in the future on PhotonCamera.

Next thing what he said, if anyone know about image processing and can write code, i can be useful. Dev have some knowledge about image processing, but for this app needed more

If you have contact to the DEV, invite him to this forum. Here are people how know about image processing.

I’m here, but I have main questions about noise cancellation.

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Welcome, nice to see the first open source camera app developer here. Feel free to open a new topic with your question. We have a lot of developers (not me) with image processing knowledge from darktable, RawTherapie, GIMP, …

Hey @Eszdman, welcome! Just a plain user here, but glad to see you joining the forum. I hope you a wealthy exchange of ideas with other devs that will hopefully enrich this new field of smartphone photography.