Mocha data to Natron?

Hey guys!
I’m a big fan of Nuke, so of course I’m a fan of Natron by extension. That said, a key part of my compositing workflow involves getting tracking data (corner pin and transform) and roto shapes from Mocha to my compositing app. In software like AE and Nuke, the process is pretty seamless, but there doesn’t seem to be a non-hacky way to get anything from Mocha into Natron. I did find one strange workaround that involved some 3rd party app to convert the tracking data copied to the clipboard from Mocha into a corner pin node in Natron, but it seems to be limited to corner pins.
Does anybody know if there are plans to enable Natron to use data from Mocha? Even if it were just a fully-capable 3rd party solution similar to that other process I described, but works for transform data and roto shapes as well, that would be helpful. Thanks!


As far as I know nobody is working on or planning to work on Mocha integration in Natron.

The third-party app you are talking about is ?

It should be possible to expand on that idea and probably make a Python plugin or something, but finding a developer willing to work on it is another thing…

That’s the one! As I said, it seems to only do corner pin data, which is great for corner pin tasks, but I’m not sure it’s super helpful for transform data, and it certainly isn’t roto shapes.
Yeah, I’m sure it’s possible somehow or another, but Python (or any coding) really isn’t my strong suit, so I figured I’d put the word out on here and see what kind of response I’d get.
The lack of a way to get the stuff I need from Mocha into Natron is really the last thing that’s keeping me from almost fully transitioning to Natron (pretty sure I can live without 3d space). I hope somebody out there is skilled enough and cares enough about Mocha to help out in this area. :confused:

I would like to integrate to Mocha in Natron but since I don’t see a sdk API to communicate between two softwares… Maybe it needs to contact to developer and maker from Mocha ? Or how to make it better integration ?
But now I am not ready maybe later cause I have to solve everything first :slight_smile:

Well I’d sure be grateful for whatever you’re able to do! I don’t know anything about the programming side, but I’ve gotten technical support from Mary Poplin who works for Boris Fx, and she’s always been willing to engage on the user end, so maybe you could get in touch with her and she might be able to help. If nothing else she might be able to put you in touch with someone who can get you what you need.

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I was reading the doc mocha api it is pretty cool ! Maybe I should work it later when I am ready.