Monitor fringing... defect?

The excitement of a new monitor has been tempered by very apparent red fringing around the outline of high contrast areas, eg. white on black text. in photographs below, blue fringing is also apparent on the other side, though not as noticeable to my eyes.

I’m aware of sub pixel rendering, however that is true of all monitors and I have never noticed this before on any other, leading me to believe it is a defect.

The problem occurs whether dp or hdmi is used, does not show up on screenshots, but does show up on monitor while cpu is off, leading to me to conclude it is definitely a monitor issue.

However, this is my first time with an IPS screen, and monitor with resolution of 2560x1440 (27 inch - benq sw 270c), so I’m not sure whether it is to be expected, and others have experienced similar, or whether it is definitely a defect that should be replaced? Any thoughts?

Have done only very basic scene referred processing on these images with no colour enhancements, and no denoising.

It’s difficult to see in those pictures because it looks like most of the fringing is longitudinal chromatic abberation of the camera lens used to take the picture. This is where closer than focus plane gets a red shift and further away get a more blue/cyan shift. The camera needs to be perpendicular to the screen to avoid this and then only if there is little/no field curvature.

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Give this screen back. I have an sw 24 and I had to send back the first copy because it was whining.

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This may explain the blue fringing, which is hard to perceive with my eyes (and which I’ve seen this lens produce in other settings), however the red fringing you see is definitely visible, and even slightly more obvious than as captured in these images. It might be a good idea to include some perpendicular images in the claim I send them.

I am still using my first one. Here are my immediate thoughts:

1 Just return it. Anything you buy could have a defect. In recent times, returning or exchanging items are fast and convenient.
2 Try changing modes. My LG has various picture modes. I turn it to custom and set it as neutral and boring as possible. Other modes seem to over-sharpen or produce some other issue, including something similar to yours.
3 Are your first two images the loading info of the monitor (when unplugged from your system)?

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Actually, part of the reason I am procrastinating on this is that I had to wait about 6 weeks after ordering for it to be shipped, and all other stores nearby were sold out. Also, there seem to be a lot of shipping delays these days, and some items purchased from overseas are taking a month or more to arrive. So its feasible it could take months to receive the exchange. But I can live another month or two with my trusty old laptop if need be.

Yes I tried turning the contrast and sharpening to 0 and neither got rid of the effect.


I did not want to return mine either because it was from a cheaper store with a restocking fee and back-ordered inventory. I also tried many different combinations until I found a satisfactory setting. It may be a good idea to just return it if your income is not dependent on having a good monitor. :slight_smile: New models are always coming out anyway. :wink: