Montage v Collage

Often this debate comes to mind. Would like the opinion of people from different backgrounds and who speak different languages. What’s the difference? Which term do you use more often and where? FIGHT!

Montage is a movie term. A sequence of shots typically set to music to condense time. Collage is an art term. A combination of different things placed together on a single surface.

Collage means gluing,sticking
exemples: scrapbooking, contact sheet,…
The different elements are distinguishable

montage means assembly, mounting
In french, where it comes from it can be used for mechanical devices or woodwork assembly.
For photo, it means that you assemble different elements to create a new photo where the different elements are no longer distinguishable.
It’s the way to fake photos.
Equivalent in movie term is special effect.

exemples: replace the sky in a photo, suppress something, insert elements…

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