More Backup Questions

I am looking for a better backup solution.
I have 2 entirely separately located Manjaro/Arch systems. Each has an integrated backup drive on which I perform overnight ‘sync’ backups using LuckyBackup (rsync). In addition I have a ‘shuttle’ external drive that I use to simply try to keep dt synchronized between each location.
I am at each location, often for some considerable time, so in addition to adding new files, often older files may well be modified.
Currently, I am using the shuttle drive to perform a total rebuild of each home systems which is time consuming, frustrating and should be unnecessary.
How can I best update from the shuttle drive onto an existing home system when I change locations?

Do both locations have internet?

For my photos, I use git-annex:

My raw file are put in the annex, xmp files are checked directly into git. If you clone to each computer and the external, then git annex can be used to keep all three in sync.

Its a bit technical, but I’ve been using it since 2013 and I don’t think I’d use anything else.

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Yes … both locations are connected to the internet
Your solution does sound a bit complicated!

This is timely. For the last few years I’ve been using rsync between local computers, and was about to switch to restic in order to get basic versioning. But something that plays well with large files is certainly interesting.

This has come up a couple of times and I thought about exploring it and never got around to it…

I had come across this in case you do take a stab at it…

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The title mentions backup, but the text seems to refer to file synchronization across two computers. What are you after?

Ok so I should finish the article version of using git annex for photographs that I started uhhh like 4 years ago.


I would be a nice addition I am sure…

I am not sure what one would call it! What I need is to be able, when I am at either of the 2 locations, to have full access to my coomplete dt image data sets.
This is not the same as requiring a total sync of both systems all the time.

Maybe using a NAS and setting up your own cloud storage would work??

That’s called Sync and not backup. You get access to the latest files (eg raw + xmp) from any location. Normally you only sync data files (eg. /home) and not the system. You should also backup the data to an offsite/different drive at some set frequency with some snapshot approach (data from yesterday, from last week, last month, last year…). Multiple ways to accomplish both tasks.

I suspect that any cloud storage will simply be the same as my current shuttle system.