Mountain ash blossoms

This is a great application. Being able to control the color and luminescence separately in a vignette is really cool.

Played with it myself and got the following (along with a fun crop). This is kind of a “quick and dirty” edit just to play with the vignetting idea (thanks, it is cool!)

I still love the idea of “desaturating” colors by adding white to make pastels…


Nice edit, definitely an entire new mood for the image :slight_smile:

I think of it as a scene-referred replacement to the old vignetting module where also the desaturation and exposure of the corners can be separately controlled.

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Just a tip you can usually load a. jpg exported from DT as a sidecar in place of an xmp if need be.


P6052497.ORF.xmp (20.9 KB)

Sadly, I can’t upload .cube LUTs. Editing without it will be strange. It’s using Heulandite - Rec709.cube from Free LUTs.


It’s not “desaturating”, it’s desaturating by-the-book. :wink:


Yup. You are correct (of course…)
I need to embrace this idea that if are correct in meaning, there is no need to translate for the rest of the photographic community:–> their definition is flawed, not yours (ours).

P6052497_PlayRaw.jpg.out.pp3 (13.1 KB)

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